Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bed Bugs in Daycare

Bedbugs can be found anywhere in America, including daycare centers. So what can a daycare center do to keep bedbugs out? It is impossible to keep them all out, but you can limit the risk of bedbugs getting in.

Daycare centers have cubbies. Little areas for the kids to put their stuffed animals into along with any bags, back packs, lunch boxes, etc. Instead of a cubbie, why not hang a long pole and hang clear plastic garment bags with zippers. This will help keeping any bedbugs that are on the kids items from falling off into the cubbie or from spreading to other kids.

Keeping things contained is one way of eliminating the possibility of bedbugs spreading. This is what they are good at. They spread and they hitch hike. Coming up with protocols specific to your environment will go a long way.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bed Bug Intake Process

Recovery programs, group homes, half-way houses, and anything in between should have a plan for limiting the risk of bed bugs being brought into your facility. Notice I said limit the risk, and not take the risk away all together.

Bedbugs are impossible to keep out of anywhere, but there are things you can do to limit your risk for exposure to the bed bugs in your facility.

Thing number one. Have a plan. Be sure you know what you will do and what you are allowed to do if a client comes in with a bed bug issue. Part of your plan should include a place to do the intake. Be sure the staff doing the intake knows what to look for. Are there visible bugs on the person? Ask questions. Have you or anyone you know been dealing with bed bugs. ? They will most likely tell you. Have a change of cloths handy in different sizes. Have a new or working , well maintained larger sized washer and dryer handy. If bugs are found, see if you can convince the clients to get changed and let the staff was and dry the cloths. Heat from the dryer will kill all stages of the bug. Be sure to get the sneakers and if they have a duffel bag that should go into the dryer as well. Crisis averted.

Maybe you have a program where the folks come to your facility for a day program or a recovery program. You may be aware that they are dealing with the bed bug problem at home. How do you help prevent them from being brought into your facility? One thing you can do is buy a large clear plastic garment bag that zippers. This will be the client's "locker".  It will be here that they will hang their coat and place their lunch box. If they have a back pack or other bag, they place it in here as well. Now zip it up and hang it up. Contained.

Sometimes you can only do so much. Being proactive and having a plan will help to limit the risk of bringing bedbugs into your facility. Training staff on what to look for and what to do when bed bugs are found will go a long way. Identifying a bed bug issue early on rather than when it  is a full blown infestation will help you and the community you are serving enjoy a bed bug free experience.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The War On Chemical Resistant Bed Bugs

Part of the problem with the control and ultimate elimination of bed bugs is the fact that bed bugs have a resistance to chemicals. So the company MGK came out with a new and improved version of their bedlam product called Bedlam Plus. This is a great tool to add to the tool box if it works as well as they are saying. I am including a link to review a video about Bedlam Plus Here.

Where To Go For Bed Bug Advice

Where can the average Joe and Jane go for some current and honest bed bug advice? Well Your Bed Bug Resource would be a good start. Aside from this blog there is a ton of information out there about bed bugs, and you really have to be level headed when researching a topic. One place that has become a go to website about bed bugs is Bed Bug Central. This blog was started by the folks at Coopers Pest Control, where Rick Cooper is located. Rick was and is one of the early bed bug gurus and his Bed Bug Central website is a great place to find bed bug advice and info you can trust. This site has articles and videos known as Bed Bug TV where Jeff White gives his take on a boat load of topics relating to bed bugs. So after you check out Your Bed Bug Resource, mosey on over to Bed Bug Central and take a gander.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

So the horrible news has been delivered, it's bed bugs. Now what you ask. How do I get rid of bed bugs? Well if you are lucky enough to have found the bed bugs early on, where it is only a stray that found it's way into your home on a piece of luggage after a vacation for instance, then the bed bug elimination should not be a problem at all. If you are unlucky enough to have let the problem fester, thinking those bite marks on your arms were from mosquitoes and didn't get the bed bugs identified until months or a year down the road, then the problem is going to be very tough to get rid of. It will take a ton of time, frustration, and money. You have two options. The classic chemical treatment, or the heat treatments that are being offered by companies. The option you don't have is to try to do it yourself. Bed bugs are not like roaches or mice. They are like super bugs. Call a professional that has a ton of experience. If the pest control company comes out to your home and says they can get rid of them for a hundred bucks, ask them to leave. Look to spend closer to a thousand dollars for chemical and several thousand for heat. One last bit of advice is follow the bed bug remediation company's instructions to the letter. It is a team effort to get rid of these little buggers.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bed Bug Test

Trouble with the bed bug blog...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My College Bed Bug Nightmare!

College life, new and exciting, you are on your way! You get to your new dorm room, home and life and begin to settle in. Life is exciting and wonderful, that is, until you start to notice a rash. You change detergents and soaps thinking that maybe you have become allergic. You wonder if it is poison ivy or if you are just coming down with a virus. You finally begin to put two and two together and find your dorm room is infested with bed bugs. Let me rephrase that, your dorm. These critters have invaded your personal belongings. They are in your book bag or purse, they are in your clothing, they are everywhere. The most disturbing thing to deal with is when you begin to realize that you have visited friends and family over the several months you have been trying to figure out what this mysterious rash was. You friend now has bed bugs, and when you go home for spring break you find them in your bed there. They have spread like the virus mentioned earlier except there is no easy way to get rid of them. The pure expense and physical labor that is involved in eradicating bed bugs is enormous. What was supposed to be the beginning of a bright future has become a nightmare. The mental anguish is overwhelming, your grades start to suffer, you relationships are strained and the embarrassment of the bed bug problem has made you an outcast, after all, you can't risk any more of your friends or relative getting this problem because of you.

Now wake up...was it really a just a nightmare?

Bed bugs are reported to affect one in five Americans. It is a problem that is going to become way worse before it gets any better. Your best defence is a strong offense. Be educated and diligent and use preventative measures.