Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bedbugs Bite

Well not really...bedbugs suck. The phenomenon of bedbugs, I fear, will become on of the worst problems of our time by the very virtue of the fact that there is no silver bullet to kill them completely. The problem is , you can do the most thorough treatment, killing off all but one bedbug, and the problem will resurface again. Another problem is the fact that the chemicals are not working on them to kill them. If you spray them directly, you can kill them, but any residual chemical left behind is useless. So how do you protect yourself? You need to research and learn everything you can about the bed bug. You need to raise awareness of this insect. You need to do regular inspections to catch the problem early. That is one thing the experts agree with, if you catch the problem early enough, the possibility of elimination is greater. So crack open those books and hop on the Internet and go back to school. Bedbugs are here to stay.