Saturday, May 22, 2010

Help yourself not get bed bugs

Bed bugs are becoming as common as the seasons, so it only makes sense to start to keep one eye open when traveling and sleeping at hotels and resorts. It is so important to check your room before bringing any luggage or bags into your room and check it thoroughly. GO so far as to taking the head board off the wall, if you are traveling with a partner, ask him or her to grab a side of the headboard and lift it off the wall. If you see nay signs of bug then leave it where it is and go right for the front desk. Checking areas like the mattress, side tables, behind and around the curtains. Check top and bottom and side to side. Am I crazy? No. Take the half hour to do a good inspection or times that half hour by a million and that could be how many half hours it takes to get rid of them at your home after you bring them home with you. Happy hunting.