Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

That is the question of the century. Will I ever be able to eliminate my home or apartment of bed bugs? My thought is that until they come out with a silver bullet, the short answer is no, at least not with any traditional treatments. If you have some deep pockets you can fumigate the home, or bring in a company that specialized in heat treatments, but the regular Joe is out of luck. The products are not working and the nature of the bed bug hiding deep inside of furniture and the structure makes it almost impossible to get product to these hiding places. There are home remedies and professional products, none of which are working as aggressively as needed. I am sure there are cases of elimination that could be found out there, but my guess is that the opposite is true. Hopefully the manufacturers and the epa are working on some products that will kill bed bugs once and for all. Until then people will be using do it your self products and home remedies and in superior products or treatment methods, making the problem worse. Again...the answer to your question is a resounding No.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bed Bugs, Moving, and not "catching" bed bugs.

Planning on moving any time soon and worried about bedbugs infesting your stuff from a moving truck? Unfortunately there is no way to really verify that a moving truck is bed bug free. Chances are, the possibility that the truck moved a bed bug infested client at some point along the line is pretty high. Another thing to think about is when you hire a moving company they give you boxes and packing supplies. These are often times "used" or recycled boxes. So what is a bed bug conscience person to do? First thing to do is when you hire a moving company. Ask. The sales representative may take offense, but so what. Responsible moving companies should start to think about bed bug abating controls to assure clients are not affected by secondary infestation. The next thing to do is when they deliver your supplies, ask them to leave them outside and check them before you bring them inside. When you finally move and settle, it would be worth it to bring in a bed bug sniffing dog to do a walk through. If there has been a bed bug invasion, the dog will find it, and finding a problem earlier than later is found to offer greater success in elimination. Good luck with the move, and sorry to add one more stresser to one of the most stressful events in your life.