Saturday, December 12, 2009

What works for Bed Bugs

As we all know, bed bug infestations have reached pandemic proportions. I wonder out of all the people out there, who has had success with treatments or what is working for people out there with regards to being proactive. Sure kill treatments for bed bugs are non-existent. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you check you hotel room for bed bugs?

The first thing I do on vacation when I check into a hotel is inspect. The head board is the first place to look. Slide it up and off the wall as most of them are mounted this way and lay it forward to look on the back. I bring a flashlight with me these days. Then I take the fitted sheets off and look under them and in the seams and buttons, then around the floor legs and night stand. Bed bugs can be found on the luggage racks, and on the areas they give you to hang your cloths. Check in dresser drawers too. Now that you looked. Unpack and have fun, but if you see anything like a bed bug, go straight to the front desk and let them know. Be discreet as they will most likely work with you. They want to fight the battle as much as the rest of us.