Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bedbugs on the bus.

The bedbugs on the bus go up and down...up and down...up and down. A little play on the children's song that has an erie twist. We have to be aware that bedbugs can be picked up anywhere. Airplanes, movie theaters, schools, laundry mats, dry cleaners, and buses. Think about it, bedbugs love to travel in suit cases and where do the suitcases go when you are traveling? They go under the bus in the luggage compartment. This allows for bedbugs to transfer from suitcase to suitcase, so even if you were lucky enough to escape a hotel stay without getting bed bugs you still have the chance to catch them in transit. Be diligent!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bed bug trap and hotels

The new NightWatch bed bug trap that should be hitting the market in November sounds like it will be the thing we've all been waiting for. While this bed bug trap promises to be an expensive investment, the peace of mind it can bring to a consumer is invaluable. The NightWatch bed bug trap will be able to tell someone if there are in fact bedbugs in a room or not. Right now the only tool we have to do this is the bedbug sniffing dog. NO doubt the NightWatch will be hard to keep on the shelves once it is brought to market. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

NightWatch Bedbug Trap

Will November 2008 be D day for bedbugs as Bio Sensory unveils it's revolutionary bedbug trap called NightWatch. Combining a 7-part kairomone lure, CO2, and heat, this bedbug trap promises to be a fantastic monitoring tool to tell you for sure if bedbugs are present, and also a great tool to tell you the progress of your treatments. In Bio Sensory's field tests the bed bug trap caught one thousand bedbugs in one night and over ten thousand bedbugs during the entire test. Very exciting news indeed!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Freezing Bedbugs with cryonite

There are many ways to kill bedbugs, or so it seems. You can vacuum them, spray them, fumigate them, heat them up and freeze them to death with cryonite. There is a treatment out there that uses a carbon dioxide snow to freeze the little punks. Some features include being able to treat electrical sockets and areas where moisture an not be because it is a dry freeze. You also do not have to evacuate the premises for this treatment. The draw back from what I understand is that cryonite has no residual, so you have to come in contact with the bedbug to kill the bedbug. I'd chalk this up as a tool to add to the tool chest and not a complete rid all process. Still a very interesting idea with lots of options.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is heat and bedbugs the next big thing?

Companies like Therma Pure and others are promising big things for those who are suffering from bedbugs with a treatment that uses no chemicals. They are using heat to kill the little bedbugs and their eggs. It a process that can become very popular in cluttered places like apartments or dorm rooms who are experiencing a bedbug infestation. It is perfect because you can basically treat the area with little to no preparation. You have to remove easily melted objects like candles and the such, other than that it is a fry fest. This treatment is costly and finding the contractors to do it can be tougher than calling your local pest control guy, but it's worth the trouble.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Get bedbugs out of your dorm.

Get bedbugs out of my dorm, how's that for a statement easier said than done? So just how are people getting this result and killing bedbugs so as not to transport then back home when they visit mom or from dorm to dorm? The products that have been on the scene are the old standards like Phantom, Bedlam, and Sterifab, but what about the some more off the wall techniques like steam and heat? There are companies out there that heat the room up to a temperature that kills the bedbugs and eggs which is a process that the healthy for the environment. There is also a technique using steam which needs to be incorporated into a complete bedbug treatment, this won't stand alone as a treatment unto itself. The toolbox is starting to fill up finally with the right tools, we just have to start to to implement the techniques.