Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bed Bug Procedures fot Group Homes

Group Homes and Homeless Shelters in the Human Services field are in need of establishing intake and admission procedures to limit the risk of transporting the bed bug from place to place and thus spreading the problem farther and wider than it already is. You need to establish a supply kit of coveralls with attached boots. You should have a set of clothing ready for new admissions. You will need a good working large capacity dryer dedicated to bed bugs. You will need a bare room to act as an admission area and a changing room. When the new person comes to the facility, you should explain that it is procedure to put everything that comes in tot he facility into the dryer. You should wear the coveralls as a precaution and bag all the person's clothing and take it right to the dryer. Ask the new person to change into the clothing that you provide and place those cloths and shoes into the dryer as well. During the intake process, ask directly if there were any bug issues where the person was coming from. All this will help with limiting the risk of bringing bed bugs into a facility. Establishing good program procedures will help to keep bed bug problems from being introduced into the home and to help catch the problem before they become full blown bed bug infestations.