Sunday, March 30, 2008

Electronic bedbug control

A good question came across my desk with regards to those sonic pest repellers and if they would work in the case of bed bugs. First of all...I think that they could be the worste thing to place out if you have a bed bug problem. A few reasons for my non-support of electroci bed bug control is the fact that if those devices did work, all they would do is drive the bed bugs either to another part of the house or apartment. This could also drive them deeper into hiding as they try to get away from the devices frequency. Seek and destroy is your best bet.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bed bug bites.

I remember how the mention of fleas would drive people to scratch and squirm. Now the question is am I getting bitten by fleas or am I getting bitten by bed bugs? Bite marks are hard to identify either way often times. You can figure out your questions by a process of elimination to help in your determination. First question is. DO you have a dog or cat? Are your bites on your legs only or are they showing up on the torso and arms? If you have animals then the possibility of fleas bites are strong. If not then you may have bed bugs. If you have bites only on the ankles then they may be fleas. If they are across your chest and in a row then you may have bed bugs.
Did you travel and stay over night in a hotel lately? You may have brought home more than your luggage. Does any of your friends or colleagues have bed bugs? Maybe they passed them onto you. Does anyone at your child's school have them? Did you recently bring anything new or used into your home? These are all questions you can ask yourself to narrow down the possibilities. Good Luck.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bed Bug Bites

Just like any kind of bite, bed bug bites are hard to really say for sure what they are. Some characteristics to look for would be a symmetrical line of bites as the bed bugs like to line up to feed. Some folks want to know if they have bed bug bites or flea bites. You can eliminate the possibility of fleas by a process of elimination. Are there dogs or cats present? Are the bites only on the legs. Do you see the fleas? Are you only getting bitten at night? Fleas will bite any time of day, and they are easy to detect because you usually feel the fleas biting you. I would recommend asking a doctor if you are not certain and also arrange for a pest controller to inspect the property.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bedbugs in your cable box?

Is it possible to get bedbugs from a cable box? The short answer is yes. Think about it, if you have a cable box that is in a heavily infested home and they decide to cancel cable, they drop the box back off at the cable company. The cable company doesn't throw them away, they recycle them. We all know how hardy bed bugs are and even if they sit for months in that cable box on a shelf at the cable company and then brought into your home the next time you order cable, you now have bedbugs. Be sure to always check anything new that is brought into your house, new or used, from an outside source. The item may not have had bedbugs, but the truck it was delivered on may and now you do. See the trend. Be vigilant.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Best Bed Bug Spray

One thing that people want to know these days is what is the best bedbug spray to get rid of these bugs and and where can they buy the best bed bug spray? It is hard to say that any one spray is better than the other because a bed bug job should incorporate multiple disciplines. There are several bed bug sprays on the markets that could do the job for a quick knock down of bed bugs that are found, but a professional job is your best path to elimination. TO find these sprays you can look to specific websites that sell these bedbug control sprays or many of your do it yourself pest control websites will sell bed bug sprays. It really all depends on your situation and the severity of your infestation to determine what the best spray would be. I would keep the bed bug spray in your arsenal and call a professional to assist in elimination. Good Luck!