Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fantastic Bedbug Control

One of the best tools int he control of bedbugs that will eliminate a good percentage from you home immediately would be a vacuum. An efficient hand held vacuum can do wonders for the control of bed bugs when used correctly. Start by identifying the area where the bedbugs are being seem the most. Now it is time to start by going from one side of the room inspecting every nook and cranny, vacuuming as you go any bedbug you come across. Behind picture frames, in drawers, in cracks and crevices, in the mattress tufts and buttons, under the bed frame, on the bed frame. When you are finished with your inspection there should be no live bedbugs to be found. Now take your vacuum and puff some talc powder and suck the powder up to clog the pours of the bedbugs and kill what you can in the bag. Now take the vacuum bag and throw it away. After this procedure a good chemical application will give you a good one two punch and give you some decent control over this horrible problem.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bedbug bites or Flea bites?

The biggest mistake pest control technicians make is to try to determine if a client has bed bug bites or flea bites. This is by all means a job for a doctor. The only one who can determine bite marks would be to have your doctor or dermatologist to have a look. If you think you have bedbugs or fleas then your pest control person would do better trying to find the insect itself rather than try to figure out what kind of bites the person has on them.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to eliminate bed bugs

Eliminating bed bugs can be as easy as one two three, in the world of your dreams! Bed bugs have become one of the toughest pests to fight in the pest control industry. Bedbugs are closing ocean front hotels, hospitals, dorm rooms, cruise ships. They are incredibly durable. I would recommend a good mail order flame thrower, if that is out of your price range than the products you can buy online at a good do it yourself pest control product superstore will help you at least keep them under control until they find something that works!