Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bed bug detection with dogs

The most crucial point when dealing with bed bugs is their detection early on before they become a problem. The problem is that bedbugs are experts in hiding until they need a blood meal which is when they come out to feed and then at that point they go back to their hide out. If you think you might have bed bugs or if you simply want to put your mind at ease you have a resource. A bed bug detecting dog. Dogs have been successful in detecting termites, mold, bomb material, and now bed bugs. This inspection can be ordered from pest control companies that offer this service or by home inspection companies who offer this service.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tell Me Your Bedbug Story

have an interesting bed bug story? Do you have a success story? A story to top all stories about how tough it is to get rid of bed bugs? A story of how or where you got them? Tell me your story in the comment section and get it off your chest.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New bedbug book! Bed bugs beware!

It's fresh and it's new and it finally shipped! The new Bedbug Handbook: The Complete Guide To Bed Bugs and Their Control has hit the shelves and I have to say that it is worth the money! It is written by two of the hottest experts in the pest control business, Larry Pinto and Sandy Kraft, and it has the most up to date information about this topic you can find. If you are having a bed bug problem, I would recommend it if only to get a better grasp on what to expect from your situation and the best way to proceed getting rid of it. If you are a professional, your library should not be with out this book. I have to give it five stars out of five!