Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make A Million Dollars With Bed Bugs.

Let me count the ways.
  1. Bed bug prep business- Clean the clutter, bag the laundry, take the beds apart, take the outlet and switch plate covers off, vacuum. Do the grunt work.
  2. Heat treatment company. Sub out your services to other companies as well as advertise your own services.
  3. Fumigation coordinator. Contract with a fumigation company and a moving company. Pack and load all contents of an apartment, dorm, or entire home onto the truck. The company shoot the truck with gas. Movers unpack the contents back into the home.
  4. Laundry Service. Commercial laundry companies can market to pest control companies and facility management as many standard laundry services will not take infested items. You be the first in the area.
  5. Dry Cleaner Bed Bug Service. You can't launder the suits. Same as number 4.
  6. Bed Bug Dog Inspector. Buy a dog. Get it trained. Make lots of money.

There are many ways that people are making money in the bed bug control industry. If only our chemical manufacturers were doing the same selling the new product that has become the silver bullet for bed bug eradication. Oh wait. That has not happened yet. One day.

EPA versus Bed Bugs

I'm finally convinced that the EPA must be part of the bed bug conspiracy that is spreading across the USA in epidemic proportions. In a consumer alert presented today by the EPA they stated that pesticides should be limited and even went to far as to say, "Prevention and non-chemical treatment of infestations is the best way to avoid or eliminate a bedbug problem." Talk about being disconnected from reality. Non-Chemical treatment would indicate using heat or fumigation, both which are extremely effective, but enormously expensive. Prevention would indicate moving to a deserted island until the EPA approves and exemption or lightens up on regulating the chemical manufactures to allow for them to come out with some new chemistry. What I say to that is get used to eating coconuts! The EPA needs to start to realize that this is a real problem effecting the mental health and pocket books of people across the country. The reason people are over-using chemicals is because the chemicals the EPA has approved for bed bug control are not working as effectively as they should because the bed bugs are showing such a strong immunity. Can I get an Amen!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feel free to remove by bed bugs.

Should you just start accepting the fact that you will be living with blood sucking vampires for the rest of your life? After all, you've tried all the do it yourself bed bug treatments out there, you've reported the bed bug problem to your landlord, you've followed the advice and followed the preparation sheet the apartment complex pest control vendor gave you, you've spent tons of money on mattress and box spring covers for bed bugs and bought those climb up interceptors and placed them on the bottom of your bed legs, you've been a good little boy or girl and fought the good fight, and still you are getting bitten and still you see bed bugs on your walls and ceilings. You are tired of being the outcast and tired of seeing your son's and daughter's sad eyes because they can't invite friends over or go over for play dates any more because heaven forbid you spread the bugs to their friends house. You are tired of meeting friends at restaurants because you can't have friends over for fear they get bed bugs from your place. It's a sad world and you want to scream, "feel free to get rid of my bed bugs!"
It's a sad day in America when we as a people can't get rid of a tiny bed bug. Sure, you can fumigate or heat treat the bed bugs, that is if you have several thousand dollars to pay, but who in America, especially these days, have that kind of money? A regular bed bug treatment where the pest control company comes out to spray can cost you from five hundred to twelve hundred or more dollars. The problem is two fold, one is there is a strong resistance to the chemical that the bed bug exterminators are using, thank you EPA for making the process of bringing back old chemistry or introducing new chemistry so expensive, and two is you have to have complete cooperation from your neighbors and adjacent apartment dwellers, and how does the eight-five year old lady next door do all that prep work the pest control guys wants done? Well that may be why you still have the bed bugs?
So as I said in the beginning, should we as a society just accept the fact that we will be living with bed bugs forever? Should we as a society become hermits so not to pick up a bed bug in the movie theater or on a plane? Instead, let's start to make some noise and get the EPA and other powers to be involved with process and begin to understand that we are being invaded from the inside out and being beaten at the game. Americans rise up!