Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Make A Million Dollars With Bed Bugs.

Let me count the ways.
  1. Bed bug prep business- Clean the clutter, bag the laundry, take the beds apart, take the outlet and switch plate covers off, vacuum. Do the grunt work.
  2. Heat treatment company. Sub out your services to other companies as well as advertise your own services.
  3. Fumigation coordinator. Contract with a fumigation company and a moving company. Pack and load all contents of an apartment, dorm, or entire home onto the truck. The company shoot the truck with gas. Movers unpack the contents back into the home.
  4. Laundry Service. Commercial laundry companies can market to pest control companies and facility management as many standard laundry services will not take infested items. You be the first in the area.
  5. Dry Cleaner Bed Bug Service. You can't launder the suits. Same as number 4.
  6. Bed Bug Dog Inspector. Buy a dog. Get it trained. Make lots of money.

There are many ways that people are making money in the bed bug control industry. If only our chemical manufacturers were doing the same selling the new product that has become the silver bullet for bed bug eradication. Oh wait. That has not happened yet. One day.

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