Monday, February 18, 2008

Bed bug luggage spray

A great product that is manufactured by the J T Eaton company is it's new JT Eaton Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray for Luggage. This water base 0.50% Permethrin with residual action keeps killing for four to six weeks! Travel is one way that people transport bed bugs back to their homes and this product is a great way to prevent this. Just spray the inside and outside of your bags and it will give you protection from hitch hiking bed bugs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

So what's the story with mattress covers? Good, bad, or indifferent? In my opinion I would have to say that if you presently are bed bug free then I would invest in mattress and box spring covers for the simple reason that if you happen to pick up bed bugs in your travels then it will save you some money with regards to treating the beds and possibly having to throw the bed away. If you have a bed bug problem then I would say to treat the box spring and mattress and then cover them in the cavers to keep the bed bugs in and new ones out. In general I think they are a good idea any which way you look at it. Of course if your bedding is in such bad shape that it has to be tossed then do so, but if you can save a grand by putting a hundred dollars worth of coverings on your bedding then do it. It is important to pick the right mattress covers. They should be specifically for bed bug control as all mattress covers are not created equally. Do your homework and choose wisely.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bed bugs...Is it time to panic?

In a world besieged by bed bugs it is no wonder there is a sense of panic falling over the good citizens of the United States. In the big cities especially there is a ever present possibility of contracting a bed bug infestation. Something as simple and enjoyable as going to the movies with your family can be enough to be exposed to bed bugs. Taking the bus to work or taking the train to the city? Watch out. How about getting a furniture delivery. This is a great service the furniture company provides where they take away your old furniture and bring your new in and set it up. How are you to know that the house from the day before wasn't infested with bedbugs and for this very reason they replaced their furniture. Now they are on the truck and could have already infested your furniture before it has even entered your house. Same thing and even more possible with mattress delivery services. Bed bugs can infest schools, hospitals, and hotels. If your child goes to school it is possible that by simply putting their school bags in their locker can be enough to pick up bed bugs. Going to dinner for your anniversary? Checking your coats at the coat check? Better hope that the coat that your coat is hung next to does not have an infestation at home! If they do then chances are good that it won't be just the two of you returning for a night cap that evening. Have a dentist appointment. Hopefully the person sitting in the waiting room chair before you wasn't infested, because you could be numb to the dentist's drill but you won't be numb to the pain of a bed bug infestation. It is easy to see that the possibility of picking up a bed bug infestation is a simple task these days. With the problem expanding at a rapid rate and the fact that there is no real positive treatment for them as of yet, I would have to predict that the problem will become worse before it gets better. The only way to even start to battle these parasites is to educate the public and get past the stigma of bed bugs as a dirty problem. Unite and defeat!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Don't forget your vacuum in bed bug control!

With all the info out there about bed bugs and their control there is one thing that is overlooked! There is one thing that people neglect to think about and do when trying to get rid of bed bugs. They prep their houses for the treatment and hire a good pest control operator and after everything is said and done and every area from head to toe has been treated there is still a safe haven for these bugs to thrive! It's the vacuum cleaner! Using a vacuum cleaner in bed bug control is an important tool for pest control professionals, but after they leave the customer neglects to pay attention to their own vacuum cleaner. They forget that the months that preceded the treatment they had bed bugs. It is safe to say that they did some house cleaning during these times and the vacuum was involved. What they succeeded in doing was vacuuming up live bed bugs and possibly eggs. Now in the safety of the vacuum bag they can continue to live and be troubling to the poor folks that are battling the bed bugs. Here is how to attack it. Sprinkle some corn starch con the floor and vacuum it up. This will coat the breathing mechanism of the bug that might be hanging on outside the bag. Then take the bag out and throw it away outside. If you have a canister vacuum then empty in a trash bag slowly to avoid the dust from flying everywhere and clean out the canister with some bleach and spray down with a product like Steri-fab. If you have a hose attachment on any of these kind of vacuums then use the corn starch method throw the hose as well.