Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

So what's the story with mattress covers? Good, bad, or indifferent? In my opinion I would have to say that if you presently are bed bug free then I would invest in mattress and box spring covers for the simple reason that if you happen to pick up bed bugs in your travels then it will save you some money with regards to treating the beds and possibly having to throw the bed away. If you have a bed bug problem then I would say to treat the box spring and mattress and then cover them in the cavers to keep the bed bugs in and new ones out. In general I think they are a good idea any which way you look at it. Of course if your bedding is in such bad shape that it has to be tossed then do so, but if you can save a grand by putting a hundred dollars worth of coverings on your bedding then do it. It is important to pick the right mattress covers. They should be specifically for bed bug control as all mattress covers are not created equally. Do your homework and choose wisely.

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ilovetodab said...

I find I've never come across bedbugs and I'm not likely to, seeing as I don't really travel much at the minute.

However I chose to go with a decent bed and mattress to treat myself, and at the time I thought I'd better invest in a mattress cover seeing as how they are fairly cheap and will protect the bed from spills and thrills!