Monday, February 18, 2008

Bed bug luggage spray

A great product that is manufactured by the J T Eaton company is it's new JT Eaton Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray for Luggage. This water base 0.50% Permethrin with residual action keeps killing for four to six weeks! Travel is one way that people transport bed bugs back to their homes and this product is a great way to prevent this. Just spray the inside and outside of your bags and it will give you protection from hitch hiking bed bugs.


Jake said...

Do you have any idea how I can buy this product? I am in Malaysia. My mother was badly bitten 3 days ago and I think there may be bedbugs in our luggage.

The story of what happened is on my blog. We were staying in the Heeren Inn (Melaka). I recommend you do not stay there.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you can get this product on the many DIY websites. Good luck with your problem.

Rest Easy said...

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