Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Suspend + Kicker = Deadly combination

It seems there is a bit of a buzz these days when it comes to some effective bedbug control. The battle and struggle for any kind of effective control has been going on since bedbugs have been reintroduced into our society some years back. Pest control operators and entomologists alike have been scratching their heads trying to come up with a real solution to the bedbug epidemic that has been plaguing us for a while now. I have been hearing through the grape vine that combining suspend sc and kicker, both Bayer products, has been getting some really good results. Both of these products can be used on the mattress in areas where the bedbugs hide like the tufts and the buttons, etc. So at least that is some good news in the battle of the bug.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Gianaris bill passes 134-0

The bill that state Assemblyman proposed to help battle bedbugs with knowledge and communication has passed unopposed on May 8, 2007! It required the Schools in Queens to notify parents of any outbreaks of bedbugs in schools which would allow other parents to keep their eyes open for any potential bugs that may be brought back home inadvertently. It would also offer parents prevention techniques and treatment options to help in the battle. This is a fantastic idea that the nation should adopt. Without education and communication, the bedbug problem that is already out of control will continue to flourish.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bedbug K-9

Dogs can sniff out bombs, drugs, termites, and now bed bugs! Dogs are being trained to sniff out these hated insects as a tool for inspections of hotel rooms and house holds. Bedbugs are very elusive because of their size and their behavior of hiding until hungry. There can be hundreds or thousands of bedbugs hiding on the head of a screw! It's easy to see how important a dog that could sniff out these pest in the early stages of the infestation could be to their control.