Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bed bug bites.

I remember how the mention of fleas would drive people to scratch and squirm. Now the question is am I getting bitten by fleas or am I getting bitten by bed bugs? Bite marks are hard to identify either way often times. You can figure out your questions by a process of elimination to help in your determination. First question is. DO you have a dog or cat? Are your bites on your legs only or are they showing up on the torso and arms? If you have animals then the possibility of fleas bites are strong. If not then you may have bed bugs. If you have bites only on the ankles then they may be fleas. If they are across your chest and in a row then you may have bed bugs.
Did you travel and stay over night in a hotel lately? You may have brought home more than your luggage. Does any of your friends or colleagues have bed bugs? Maybe they passed them onto you. Does anyone at your child's school have them? Did you recently bring anything new or used into your home? These are all questions you can ask yourself to narrow down the possibilities. Good Luck.

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