Monday, September 1, 2008

Get bedbugs out of your dorm.

Get bedbugs out of my dorm, how's that for a statement easier said than done? So just how are people getting this result and killing bedbugs so as not to transport then back home when they visit mom or from dorm to dorm? The products that have been on the scene are the old standards like Phantom, Bedlam, and Sterifab, but what about the some more off the wall techniques like steam and heat? There are companies out there that heat the room up to a temperature that kills the bedbugs and eggs which is a process that the healthy for the environment. There is also a technique using steam which needs to be incorporated into a complete bedbug treatment, this won't stand alone as a treatment unto itself. The toolbox is starting to fill up finally with the right tools, we just have to start to to implement the techniques.

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