Sunday, September 21, 2008

NightWatch Bedbug Trap

Will November 2008 be D day for bedbugs as Bio Sensory unveils it's revolutionary bedbug trap called NightWatch. Combining a 7-part kairomone lure, CO2, and heat, this bedbug trap promises to be a fantastic monitoring tool to tell you for sure if bedbugs are present, and also a great tool to tell you the progress of your treatments. In Bio Sensory's field tests the bed bug trap caught one thousand bedbugs in one night and over ten thousand bedbugs during the entire test. Very exciting news indeed!


Phil said...

Well hopefully I do not have my bedbugs by time this product comes out; however, if I do then maybe I will have to invest in one.

Even if I do get rid of them I might get one. The peace of mind of knowing that they are NOT there would probably be enough. That is why I think these people are going to make a killing.

The reason I found this site was because I thought that making a trap would be an excellent way to make money. Seeing how there is no other effective trap on the market, and also in the physcological toll that bedbugs play I think that it is a GREAT opurtunity to make LOTs of money.

Hopefully the makers of this product decide to be fair, and charge a reasonable price. Any idea on the price? I read in a previous post that it would be about $400.

Billy Mac said...

upward of 400 dollars I would think.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with bed bugs and suffering with allergic reactions and the mental and emotional anxiety trying to get rid of these miserable bugs will be ripe pickings for ANYTHING that helps in the fight.. i do hope that the BioSensory company has plans for a less expensive (but equally effective) tool for individuals.
i am (again) itching in DC.

Anonymous said...

So night watch has been out for a year now and it's not really priced for personal use. You'll get one around 640 dollars. The pest control industry has really taken to it because it is effective and they are the one's that can foot that kind of bill. If you are looking for additional information on bed bugs you might want to check out