Thursday, June 7, 2007

Should we do regular inspections for Bed Bugs?

We inspect yearly for termites and we have a pest control person come out once a month for service, why not start to inspect monthly for bedbugs? You don't have to be a world traveler to pick up bedbugs these days. You can pick them up in a movie theater, on an airplane, on a train, your child can bring them home from school or daycare. They can be picked up anyplace and anytime. IN these days and times it is not a bad idea to educate yourself and be aware of what to look for in regards to bedbug bites and what the bedbug itself looks like. Check for signs in your bed like blood spots. It wouldn't hurt to have a regular perimeter spray in your house on a monthly basis to keep a chemical barrier down just in case. Skip this point if you are sensitive to chemicals. With education and awareness we can start to get this problem under control.

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