Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bedbugs and buying a home

It is law that a home can not be sold without a termite inspection...along with termite inspections some real estate agents offer home inspections, radon inspections, mold inspections, home inspections, but why not bed bug inspections? How do you know if the family that is moving out did not or are not experiencing a bed bug infestation? This question is especially important when renting an apartment unit. Apartment complexes are notorious for bed bug problems and there is no way of knowing that the tenants that left were not experiencing a bed bug problem before they moved out. The excitement of your new place can be ruined overnight without looking into this. Literally. Why not ask for a bed bug inspection before you move in. The rental agent or the real estate agent might think you are nuts, but it is your right to know.


Frank SchulteLadbeck said...

I am a home inspector in Texas. I did not know that any state had made a termite inspection mandatory. I did not see where you are located, because I was curious as to where this type of report is required.

Billy Mac said...

IN Pennsylvania you can't buy a home with out a termite report unless you are buying as is.