Sunday, February 15, 2009

Importance of bedbug mattress covers

Bedbug mattress and box spring covers are important tools in the treatment of bed bugs in an overall plan. Products like protect-a-bed for bed bugs help in saving the bed and preventing bedbugs from entrenching themselves in all the cracks and crevices of a mattress and the box spring. These bedbug covers help the treating pest control technician because it eliminates the need to have to treat the whole bed, saving him or her time and saving you money. Even if bedbugs are not a problem in your home right now, I would suggest putting them on, especially if you are more susceptible to getting an infestation, in the even you travel alot or work in environments that have problems.

Bedbug mattress and box spring covers help during an infestation because it allows the technician to treat the appropriate areas, and then seal the box spring and mattress from additional outside infestations and keeps any bugs left behind to perish.

To sum it all up, the investment in a product like protect-a-bed or other hyper allergenic mattress and box spring cover is well worth it.

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