Saturday, April 18, 2009

EPA Bedbug Summit

What a fantastic two days I had early this week at the EPA sponsored bed bug summit. The best brains in the pest control industry were there along with representation from industry across the board. As we all know bed bugs can become a problem for any industry, not just housing, and we all put our heads together to offer our best recommendations to the EPA. The biggest issue that came up was funding, no one wants to pay for research and no manufacturer is interested in new chemistry. The EPA is not interested in bringing back old chemistry that worked, and the chemicals we have today barely work at full strength being sprayed on the bug, but not so much when the chemical is dry and left as residual. So what are we to do? As I always is the key, and this seemed to be the consensus of the group. Public awareness is also a big recommendation. Bedbugs need to become as common as socks and shoes. Raising awareness and education is our best bet for now, catching the bed bugs early is our best bet for control. So go spread the word.

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