Saturday, June 6, 2009

Travel and Bed Bugs

Getting ready for a bed bug free vacation? Planning a trip and you don't want to bring bed bugs home with you? Can you really pick up bed bugs while you travel? You should answer yes to all these questions, and in order to have a bed bug free vacation you should be as careful and diligent as possible when traveling. If you are planning on having your luggage stored in a separate compartment like a bus or airplane luggage area, you will want to protect the bags with some kind of barrier. There are some products like Rest Easy Bed Bug Luggage Spray from JT Eatons, or another product called the bug zip that allows you to basically wrap the luggage in a plastic cover to keep bed bugs out. Upon getting to the hotel, be sure to check the head boards and mattress. Look for blood stains, spots, and live bugs. If you are going to unpack for a long stay, consider keeping clothing and shoes in zip lock bags. Crazy? Maybe. Smart. Definitely.

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