Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How about that CO2 bed bug trap

It's being called the bed bug trap with the pet food bowl, but Wan-Tien Tsai's simple bed bug monitor trap is all the rage. It's a easy as getting gallon water thermos with the flip up dispenser, a pet food bowl wrapped in cheese cloth on the outside, and some dry ice. The idea is simple enough, but should be used with extreme safety in mind and caution. God forbid a child picks up a dry ice cube and freezes his hand off, but this trap is something that can be cheaply put together and used in multiple locations to see what kind of activity is going on in the home. Bedbugs are distressing enough to make people try anything, but if used cautiously, it could be a cheap and useful tool.

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Bed Bugs Northwest said...

The trap is pretty cool, but getting and dealing with dry ice may not be practical for most people. Unless you have an industrial freezer at your house, the dry ice will only last about 24 hours. In addition, if you stay home and try to use this dry ice device, you will still be emitting C02 while you sleep, effectively competing with the device. If you do attempt this, you will need heavy duty gloves. Climb-up interceptors that go under your bed legs will be just as effective.