Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving Day and Bed Bugs

Over on my other blog, Pest Control Info, I wrote about a system for moving out utilizing a specially fit out moving truck that is insulated and fitted with commercial heaters. I also spoke of tenting and fumigating the truck to kill the little buggers. The problem that we are facing is the transport of these bugs from place to place. Delivery trucks, moving trucks, mattress delivery trucks, postage trucks, any means of transportation can be manipulated my bed bugs to get from point A to point B without our knowledge. Is there any way to stop this migration? It seems almost impossible. The industry would need to come up with processes and this costs money that they are not willing to spend. It is the biggest catch 22 in recent history. With the ingenuity and money that America has with the brightest minds in the world you would think that we'd have the problem beat by now. Instead we are meeting with agencies like the EPA trying to come up with solutions when what we need is funding and less stringent rules that the chemical manufacturers must follow to come up with safe and effective bed bug killing chemicals.
Just some ranting and raving for a Sunday morning.


szimonsays said...

Good points about moving of bed bugs from here to there and back. Heat treatment of full moving vans is not as hard as some think it is.
The problem is that it does cost some money to set up a system, and then it also costs some money to do the heat treat job. It is just not as easy as ABC.. One has to be sure that the heat penetrates to core of all the items and is monitored, and this can be done, butright now it is a bit of a sleeper. I don't agree with the comment about relaxing rules for pesticides.. That is definitely NOT the answer. When we had diazinon and baygon and dursban, roaches still managed to survive and it wasn't just about resistance. it was also about quality of preparation and of treatment and the ongoing practice of some of the p.c. industry to sell cheap services and do junk work. It happens as we speak, and it is one of the main reasons control fails. Not enough real IPM out there.. but a lot of pretend IPM.

Eloise Jennings said...

As a good-sized metropolis, the verbalize capitol of River, and a big college town (which way lots of students who lean to relocation oft and oft try to furnish homes on a budget), you can imagine bed bugs mightiness be taking arrest in Madison. From the Washington Nowadays, terminal Thursday, on the threshold of the biggest road day of the gathering: a warning to timepiece out for bed bugs in curbside furnishings and mattresses. Warning tenants nigh bed bugs mainly seems to be a period event in Madison, coinciding with the city's big move-out in mid-August, when thousands of people advise (either to President, from Madison, or from one flat to other). This article seems to be endeavour of a yearly tradition. Everyone needs to see that mattresses, sofas, and any opposite items liberal curbside could hold bed bugs, and channel them to your domicile. People also essential to screw that unexplained itching, bed bug bites, or symmetrical sightings of bed bugs could become in their new apartments, and they should be on safety for these and ready to attempt help.

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