Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where To Go For Bed Bug Advice

Where can the average Joe and Jane go for some current and honest bed bug advice? Well Your Bed Bug Resource would be a good start. Aside from this blog there is a ton of information out there about bed bugs, and you really have to be level headed when researching a topic. One place that has become a go to website about bed bugs is Bed Bug Central. This blog was started by the folks at Coopers Pest Control, where Rick Cooper is located. Rick was and is one of the early bed bug gurus and his Bed Bug Central website is a great place to find bed bug advice and info you can trust. This site has articles and videos known as Bed Bug TV where Jeff White gives his take on a boat load of topics relating to bed bugs. So after you check out Your Bed Bug Resource, mosey on over to Bed Bug Central and take a gander.


Blog Management for Treasure Coast Businesses said...

It is important for the resources to be out there for the public to keep them from attempting to use many chemicals to kill the pest. We hear of many accidents here in Florida from residents attempting a bed bug eradication.

Shanna White said...

Thanks for the bed bugs blog. We just got a case of the bed bugs so we're scrambling to get rid of them!