Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bed bug spray reveiw

Since the beginning of the resurgence of the bed bug epidemic, enterprising individuals have been marketing bed bug sprays to the do it yourself consumer. The following gives a little information about which ones are out there. The first one that comes to mind is a product called Eaton Kills Bedbugs spray is a pyrethrin spray that comes in several sizes and can be used on mattresses as well as other areas in the home. This product is also backed by a solid company that has been a pest control industry partner for a long time. The next product I came across was Thwart Bedbug Control which has alot of positive feedback on it's website but I couldn't find ingredients or labels to see what it was made of which is a red flag in my opinion. Another one that can be found is Diatect Bedbug Killer that can be used as a dust or a wettable powder and is being marketed as a natural and non-toxic product. You are able to research the MSDS sheet and ingredients on their website which is a good thing. Another company is touting this product called PuraCleenRx™ Environmental Bed Bug Spray and they also have a dust product. I can't find any labels or msds sheets but it looks like they have a pretty comprehensive site about bedbug control. Another product that is in the professional realm and can also be obtained in the consumer market is Bedlam insecticide. This product comes with a full label and MSDS sheet and has had some good feedback as of late. As far as the success of any of these products is yet to be seen. If anyone has used them or if anyone has an opinion about these products please leave a comment in the comment area.


Anonymous said...

I found a bedbug in my room last night and put it in a cup. I am ordering the Diatect product right now and I will test it on this particular bedbug to see if it dies within the 30-40 minute "death window" as claimed by the company. I will apply a thin layer of powder on my carpet and let the bedbug run across it and then capture it again to see the results.

P.S. : Diatect pretty much tells you that you have to act like bait and continue sleeping where you sleep for the product to work. They instruct you to apply the product for 5 weeks, yet their guarantee only lasts 30 days from purchase.
How can you tell there are no more bedbugs? I had an Orkin contract for 1 year to get rid of bedbugs; $900 and one year later, I look like a kid with chicken pox. Orkin did not do their job. Waste of my money, waste of my time.

Cheers, Dave.

Thao said...

Diatect company review. Received awful customer service from Diatect. I placed an order online, cancelled the order within 2 hours of receiving a confirmation. Diatect did not cancel the order, and did not reply until 6 days later, AFTER they sent out the product. Why didn't they cancel the order? Because they charge a 25% restocking fee for unopened returned products. However, they do a 100% money back product satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you open the product, use it, and say it doesn't work, send it back, you'll get 100% money back. How about just cancelling the order when a customer requests asap? Bottom-line: their product doesn't work (judging from review left on, customer service is slow and lacking care.

For a bed bug powder that works, order from

No, I do not work for that company, I would like to warn other customers about their bad customer service.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how old this information is, but their instructions say it can take up to 3 days for the bed bug to die once contact is made and that is normal.

Thao... I have to say, your review doesn't seem to subjective since you didn't even use the product and yet are recommending something else... If you studied a little you would see that the dust on is just DE but they are charging an arm and a leg for it.

Sigh* I have personally used the Diatect product as directed and found that it performs exactly as advertized. I for one would recommend it to anyone and just suggest that you do exactly like the instructions say and if you have any questions make sure you call them instead of guessing. The guy I talked to was knowledable and pleasant.