Saturday, August 25, 2007

Killing bed bugs with heat and cold

Can you kill bed bugs with heat? According to a company called ThemaPureHeat, it is possible and it is just what they do. By venting in hot air to your home and raising the temperature to 150 degrees, they are able to kill of all stages of bedbugs. The heat is pumped in for an hour heating up and penetrating the areas and things that bed bugs live in.
Cold will also kill bedbugs, but it needs to be below 32 degrees and for a period of two weeks or more, so it is not very practical and there are stories of bedbugs surviving cold winters in the mountains and when the campers return in the spring they get eaten alive by very hungry bedbugs. Looks like heat might be your best try. I can't say for sure heat works, there are different opinions and schools of thought, but at least there is another option.

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