Monday, April 2, 2007

Bed bugs and hotels

So should you be afraid to go on vacation this year for fear of bringing home bedbugs? Unfortunately it is a possibility to bring home bedbugs from a visit to a hotel room and it is very important to check your room thoroughly before proceeding to bring in your luggage. This is not being paranoid. Go in and look at the bed itself. Pull the mattress sheets off and look at the bare mattress. Now look in between the tufts and around the buttons for signs of live bugs. Check the cracks and crevices of the bed post and have a look around the end table and drawers. If you suspect bedbugs then simply ask for another room. If you feel safe then bring your luggage in. If you wake up the next morning and see any kind of red specks or smears or you are experiencing bite marks then the room almost definitely has bed bugs and you should proceed to speak with the management. Don't be to paranoid to the point of not enjoying your vacation, but use caution and common sense. Bedbugs have been found on cruise ships, airplanes, and the finest hotels. Don't think you are exempt from them. Check your room first.