Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bed Bugs in the Schools!

Bedbugs are crafty critters. They get around by hitching a ride and it's just these mode of transportation that spreads them from place to place. It's because of this fact that school systems need to raise awareness about bedbugs and also make the parents aware of any bedbug problems that arise in their schools. The nurses need to know how to at least identify the signs of bedbug bites and when that is noticed they should let the parents know to keep an eye on their child's school bags and clothing. If a child whose home or apartment is infested with bed bugs brings a school bag to school and hangs it in his or her locker, those bed bugs will spread to other lockers and other students school bags! Lunchboxes that children carry to daycare and nursery school who put them in cubbys can spread them. Once the bedbugs are mobile and out in the open they will travel and the chance of bringing home bedbugs from school is a very real possibility. Check you bags!

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