Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mattress covers and bed bugs

Will a mattress cover help with bed bugs?
The point behind a mattress cover in regards to bedbugs is to eliminate all the cracks and crevices that are available for the bedbugs to hide in within a mattress and box spring. With an existing bedbug infestation the mattress cover would help to keep any new bedbugs from re-infesting your mattresses and box spring areas and any bedbugs that were missed in the treatment will die of starvation. So many people throw away their beds when a bedbug problem turns up and it becomes an even greater expense. A mattress cover is cheaper. They also help to keep the bed bugs out of other beds. For instance if you have one bedroom that is in bad shape, then along with covering that bed, you should also cover the beds in all the bedrooms to keep them from getting into these beds. Again, this is only a tool. Bedbugs get into every crack and crevice they can find, so this will only help with the bed. When you buy the mattress covers be sure to buy enough for both the mattress and the box spring. Seek the advice of a pest control operator if needed.


Anonymous said...


My name is Sean Rollo and I am a former pest control technician and now Quality Assurance Manager and Technical Advisor for one of North America’s largest pest control companies.

I have spent the better part of the past five years studying and researching bed bugs. It has literally become a hobby.

I have created a website geared toward providing the public with a place to go to get information and allow industry professionals to communicate with each other on this issue.

The site is called The Bed Bug Resource (www.thebedbugresource.com) . At the top of the page there is a Forum button that will take you to the message boards.

If you find this to be a useful resource please feel free to post a link to it, or pass the information on to colleagues and the general public.


Sean Rollo
Entomologist / Pest Professional

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Has anyone tried one of those 'memory foam' mattresses? I've been looking around at beds for a while now trying to decide which one is for me and I'm really intrigued as to what people make of those mattresses which adapt to your shape.

Do they help in elimating the risk of bed bugs due to the material used?

Also, is there a particular combination of bed and mattress which works best?