Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bed Bugs in Dorm Rooms

Back to school and the battle begins. Many students are going to find themselves up against the toughest obstacle to get over besides passing grades, and that is bedbugs in the dorm room! This pest will get into the minds of students as they move back to the dorms of colleges across the country unfortunately and the news articles will hit the newspapers and the stories will appear on the news stations and the government will do nothing but sit by and watch the crisis continue. This problem needs to have research with strong funding behind it to come up with a silver bullet in eliminating this problem from our civilized world. If a bedbug spread malaria or west Nile virus like the mosquito does then the government would be throwing all kinds of money at it. Instead the college students of the world and the apartment dwellers and the hotel travelers and the home owners all have to suffer. Is that a bed bug bite or a flea bite? That is the question, a question that is becoming ever more easier to answer in today's day and age.

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