Monday, August 25, 2008

Bedbugs going to college.

It seems these days that bedbugs are going back to college so to speak with reports of these stealth critters infesting dorm rooms and the like. So what's a college student to do when faced with the bedbugs in the dorm? First thing's first. Report the problem immediately to the college, don't be embarrassed or scared, the faster this problems is revealed the easier it is to treat. Some questions have been asked about what products college students can get to spray in their dorm rooms for these bedbugs. I wouldn't recommend this, there is a product that you can get online called the Bedbug Luggage Spray by JT Eatons. This would be the perfect product to try to avoid transporting the bedbugs from college dorm room to your parent's home, and I stress try. Bedbugs are notorious hitch hikers and many times this is the cause of the problem in the first place. So when faced with the problem of bedbugs who have returned to college be sure to report and retreat!

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