Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get rid of bed bugs

Eliminating bedbugs can be a tricky procedure. Bedbugs are hard to find let alone getting rid of them. Most times people don't know they have bedbugs until they start experiencing bites, even then they are not sure if the bites are bedbug bites or flea bites or some other kind of bite.
So some signs of a bedbug infestation would include bite marks on the body, blood spots on your sheets, actual bugs. The best place to inspect is behind the head board, the mattress, under the box spring.
Exterminating bedbugs is a job of precision. You must be thorough. Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Bedlam has been proven to kill adults and eggs, and a product called Phantom. These are all professional products and you must use extreme caution and follow the label which is the law. You may also want to pick up a good dust like drione dust. The last product to buy would be enough mattress and box spring covers for all your beds. Protect A Bed is the best product out there to cover your bedding. Now let's begin.
Depending on the level of infestation will depend on how involved the treatment will be. If it is a bad one you will need to consider laundering all your clothing, emptying the drawers to give access for treatment. If you have carpets they will need to be pulled back to reveal the tack boards to treat this area. Treat from top to bottom, all furniture, first using the vacuum to get all visible adult bed bugs. Now treat the cracks and crevices of the room and furniture with a product labeled for this. Be sure to take the electric socket covers and light switch covers off. Dust these voids, using caution. Next take the bed apart and vacuum all live bugs. Take the dust cover of the bottom of the box spring. Treat the bed per the label of whatever product you use. Next let dry. Put the box spring cover on and then the mattress cover on.
Now repeat for each bedroom, then the rest of the house. You will need a friend to help. Some precautions to take would be to put on foot covers, and a tyvek suit. After the treatment be sure to vacuum up some dust and then toss the vacuum bag. This is very important. As you can see eliminating bed bugs is an all day or sometimes a two day process. This is why it is so expensive to hire a pest control company to do it, and it is why to be sure that if you do call in a pro that they don't charge you a small fee and say it should only take an hour or two. These companies have no idea how to help you. SO good luck and hopefully you will have success in eliminating your bedbug problem. Be sure to follow up with a treatment in about 10 days.

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